Monday, October 09, 2006

Video, VLOG and Visual Math Meaning

Vlogging & Vodcasting: Vlogging is short for video blogging, also known as vodcasting. When Apple enabled iTunes to subscribe to Podcasts, they opened the door to "syndicated" feeds. Almost all blogs provide syndicated feeds--through RSS, Atom, and the like--and some feeds provide "enclosures." It is within the enclosures that the audio portion of any given podcast is provided. But enclosures aren't limited to audio. They can contain video, too. Vlogging is the practice of attaching video to RSS and Atom enclosures. What follows below is pure video linked through blogs. Enjoy!

1. Understanding Fractions (Video Tutor)

2. Fractions (Video Tutor)

3. Addition of Proper and Improper Fractions (Video Tutor)

4. Subtraction of Fractions & Mixed Numbers (Video Tutor)

5. Multiplication of Fractions (Video Tutor)

6. Division of Fractions (Video Tutor)

7. Equivalent Fractions (Video Tutor)

8. Convert Fractions to Decimals (Low Sound)

9. Learning About Circles

10. Saxon Math on Video

11. Ms. Math (Early Math Learning)

12. Dr. Sally Ride (Math & Science Trends in US - 2006)


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